Blood tests after HGH. How long to recover??

  1. Blood tests after HGH. How long to recover??

    I've been on serostim hgh for about 9months now. About 5months has been at 4iu's and last 4 have been 2iu's. I wan't to go off, and get a blood test to see if my hgh levels have returned from normal, but how long would one have to wait after going off HGH to see if there natual levels have returned to normal. Thanks

  2. no time at all .. gh has a pulse rate of release

  3. Excellent. So i've been off for about 5days now. If I get a blood test next week that should tell me my natural HGH and IGF levels? Thanks

  4. Quote Originally Posted by BigBody
    If I were u id hope they were low so you could possibly get prescribed something
    funny how this country works

    what a world i live in...
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