IGF and Woman

  1. IGF and Woman

    Anyone have any experience with Woman and IGF LR3, dosages and results.

  2. Yes. 20mcg = treshold, 30mcg = good results. LBM, strength, skin firmness all increase without virilization. Fat loss is fairly important, more than in the male counterpart in this n=2 study. I'm sorry, but I am not allowed to give more detail. Someone else should pick up from here, I guess.

  3. So 1/2 dose for a girl?

  4. Yes

  5. What is she wanting to use the IGF for?

  6. I believe it was IGF-1 injected into female breast tissue that caused growth..

  7. I believe that is a topic that for some reason gets people banned real quick.

  8. muscle loss and cutting

  9. errr...odd...I have no idea why that would be...but mums the word.

  10. Search around here and you'll find more... but generally, igf + breast tissue = high incidents of breast cancer... Aswell as the female body reacting in much harsher ways then us men. Its not worth it, to many health risks for slightly larger breasts.

  11. If there are cancerous cells in the body, injecting IGF-1 will make them multiply faster. Just as the normal IGF-1 produced by the body does. Cancerous cells are cells that overmultiply. Supplying them with excess IGF-1 makes them behave even more so.

    BUT IGF-1 does not CAUSE cancer. Not in women, not in men. If you have cancer you should not be taking IGF-1. Otherwise you're doing just fine.


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