injecting igf

  1. injecting igf

    how to inject IGF
    I've read several ways to inject IGF 1) first draw the IGF then BW into the pin and shoot. This makes no sense cause you would want the BW pushing all of the IGF out. 2) BW first then IGF. This runs the risk of contaminating the IGF with the BW. Need help.

  2. what kind of IGF do you have? meaning, what is it suspended in? MR sells additional AA for his IGF which allows you to dilute it further so BW isn't needed.

  3. Right. But the thing is, reveremuscle, that you will need to take the air bubble OUT of the syringe. For that, you will waste a little bit of solution. Which do you want to waste, the IGF or the BW?

  4. he's a smart one ^^^

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