New to the Board and needing IGF info

  1. New to the Board and needing IGF info

    I just jumped over from ology and was hoping I could get some answers on IGF. I have read a few posts here and see there is a lot more info floating around. Basically I was thinking of trying it out.

    1. I'm guessing MR doses at 1000mcg/ml. If that's correct then you're getting 20 days @ 50mcg daily. Bitch slap me if I make a mistake.

    2. The average run seems to be 4 weeks. So, two bottles would be needed....

    3. I plan to use it at the end of my upcoming cycle. Would it be best to start it the day after the last poke or wait till two weeks after like standard pct?

    4. If you do site injects does this reduce the effect on the intestines?

    I'm sure I will have a few questions, but this should start me out pretty good!

  2. If your going to get 2 bottles..

    I'd run 2, 20 days runs.

    20 days mid cycle... 3-4 weeks off... then another 20 days... starting about a week before pct.

    best of both worlds if you ask me.

  3. It is widely held true that site-inject will reduce the intestine-effect. The logic behind this is that the muscle you are injecting has recently been trained, so has its receptors all primed to receive the IGF, leaving less of it to run around and eventually attach to your intestines.

    A lot of people report effects diminishing gradually after about 50 days, and stopping after 60. I would go for 40 days straight as I don't see that as a problem. IMO it is an ideal IGF treatment. You'll absolutely love this stuff if you remember to handle and inject it VERY GENTLY.

  4. OK, BIG question!! I am over here in Baghdad, will IGF live through the two week journey over here in this hellish heat?? I'm guessing, I would be better of getting the powder, but not sure if it is sensitive to climate as well???

  5. Get the powder..

  6. Check with your supplier. The powder might very well be sensitive to 150°F temperatures AND getting kicked about. I hear the roads aren't that nice these days in Irak...


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