Diet while on IGF-1?

  1. Diet while on IGF-1?

    Hey guys. I've been reading a lot of great information on IGF-1 here, but not too much concerning what type of diet and/or supplements that should be taken while on it. For instance, I consume 100g of dextrose post workout to spike insulin and stop cortisol, but is this a good or bad idea while on IGF-1 (I'm guessing good, but not too sure). Also, how should carbs be taken throughout the day and what type (high or low GI). Any other information will also help. Thanks for your answers.

    [and if this helps, I'm about to take 40mcg. daily as an IM spot specific injection post workout(20mcg on each side), as a PCT]

  2. 40mcg is minimum, if u can afford do 60 or 80(40 receptor grade is good)....protein should be very high ... i woulnt care too much abt carbs it'll strip some bodyfat off u, just eat good carbs, and follow a slin protocol after the shot.

    To get the most out of it i'd stack slin(less than normal), lr3-igf1, AAS. But if u have never used slin dont go there without experimenting with slin first.

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