1. MR IGF1-LR3

    Ok, so from what I've read the minimum recommended dose is 40mcg, so if I were to divy 1 bottle of 1mg from MR up it would be 25 doses at 40mcg per dose correct?

  2. Well I think this is correct, so I'm just gunna go with it...but I've read 100s of posts at this point about IGF1, and I still don't feel confident about a lot of stuff. Like some posts from some people I trust on here say that SubQ is going to be fine, and how do you deal with non-workout days if you're going for the IM workout site specific on so forth...I mean I do think I've learned quite a bit, I just don't feel like I've learned quite enough to make the leap just yet.

  3. IM is what I did and it works wonders. On off days? Simple : inject your lagging bodypart.............

  4. Quote Originally Posted by ss01
    IM is what I did and it works wonders. On off days? Simple : inject your lagging bodypart.............
    ahhh that's a great say you did legs one day...would you just hit a muscle you were interested in most? Like hit both quads, or both calves...but you didn't split it up to quads, hams, and calves would you? let alone split it further to gastricnemius and solius?

  5. If one is using IGF more for recovery during PCT then site inj is it better to go sub-q or to inj into body parts that have nagging injuries, or some other method?

  6. Sub-q also works but there is more of a possibility of growing your intestines... Go see the "What's up with these huge gut..." thread in the "general chat" section for what I mean. I personnally would NEVER inject close to the intestines for that very reason even though one might say that abdominal sub-q is further away from your intestines than it looks. Unless you need big abs, this is not the best way to do it. If you want to do sub-q, I'd go for an arm or lower leg shot. Opinions will vary widely on this subject as it is without ANY real scientific research.

    I have used my last ever shot of MR long R3 IGF-1 in my shoulder at the "acromion" tip, and to my surprise it felt much better. A lot of lifters get pain there so yes I would say it does work to strengthen ligaments/cartilages/attachments. Again, no solid research, but that is what I have felt.

    I think IM is good for PCT also... And I think one shot each side is good enough. Personally I would do the calves on off days if nothing else is lagging. It will give you some systemic effects and some local effects... Most people have trouble growing their calves. Simply rotate the target sites/bodyparts between off days.


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