Is it too late for GH. Did I wait too long and now its ruined??

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    Is it too late for GH. Did I wait too long and now its ruined??

    Was on 4iu's of serostim 5days on/2off for 6months and decided since its built up in my system I got another kit to run 2ius 5on/2off for another 3months while dieting. Anyway, I got the kit but not in time before I went on vacation. Its been exactly 17days since i've been off and i'll start tommorow morning. Heres my ?, since it takes GH soooooooooooo long to build up in your system to notice the best gains from it, was it out of me for too long and now its gonna be like starting all over again? Is it even worth using now?

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    GH doesn't build up in your system - in fact it only stays in for a few hours. Over time, it helps you build new muscle fiber, burn fat and regenerate organ tissue. The muscle fiber will stay with you. It's other effects will diminish within the next 6 months to a year if you discontinue use.

    At least that has been my experience.

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