Hey fellas. To give a quick rundown just finished up last week my cycle. I did the bodyopus diet along with it.

16 weeks
Weeks 1-3: week 1 and 3 - clen, Week 2 -dnp and T3
Weeks 4-16: 200mg of sust weekly, 200mg of tren weekly, 200mg of deca weekly. Took DNP on off training days. T3 I took for about 7 weeks during the cycle. I also ran ECA and clen 2 days on ECA 2 days off. Days off I would replace with clenbuterol. Got this from building the perfect beast.

Height: 5' 8"
Start::::190 lbs with 40.5" waist

Finished:: 175 lbs with 34.5" waist - chest 42", thigh 24", arm 16.5", calf 15.5"

This past week I have been off everything other than PCT and GHRP6. I lost an additional half inch this week so I am at 34" with 174 lbs.

Question is I plan on continueing my endeavor to reach single digits in body fat probably need to get between 31-32" waist.

Wanted to know what you guys think about me adding HGH on low carb days.
IGF-1 on carb up days. Or maybe just IGF-1 on carb up days. I had wanted to use that oratrophin by IBE labs.

I really need some with this. If you all need more information let me know.