IGF1 and HGH cycle

  1. IGF1 and HGH cycle

    Ok, I am planning the following 12 week cycle. My goals are to lose approx 20lbs of fat while gaining 8lbs of muscle.

    weeks 1-12 T3 25mcg
    weeks 1-10 Anavar 25mgs (low dose to keep from shutting down)
    weeks 1-4 2ius HGH, 30mcg receptor-IGF1
    weeks 5-8 4ius HGH
    weeks 9-12 2ius HGH 20mcg receptor IGF1

    I have run a few test/tren/eq cycles, but this is my first time with hgh or igf1. Diet and cardio/workouts have been mapped out.

    Would anyone run any of this differently? Are the goals realistic?

  2. i don't think 12 weeks of hgh will do much cause after 3 months thats when i noticed any of its capacitys.


  3. How much and how long did you run it...

    Give more reasoning behind your post. I'm looking at 2 120iu kits to last me 3 months at 4iu's a day 5on2off.

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