Avoiding BLoated Gut from IGF?

  1. Avoiding BLoated Gut from IGF?

    Is it possible that one could avoid growing a huge gut by using IGF in this manner:

    smooth muscle in the GI Tract has alot of IGF receptors, but if IGF was diluted
    alot with sterile water, and injected post training into the muscles just trained,
    perhaps the diluted material would linger locally more, where the increased
    IGF receptors would pick it up, there-by decreasing IGF that could reach
    the intestines and make the GH gut.

    I'd say doing say 40-50mcg in 2 cc's of water locally in post-trained muscles
    for example.


  2. bump for the igf guru's

  3. While far from a guru what you describe is the generally accepted practice for virtually everyone using Igf. The thought is to inject into muscle after workout. As you said the receptors are increased at that time. The hope is to maxmize the igf at that point rather than letting it go systemic. Thas why most people go IM like that rather than sub q.

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