pre-diluted, powder, suspended...

  1. pre-diluted, powder, suspended...

    I thought IGF was ONLY to be bought in powder form. However, MR has both powder by itself and also has another IGF (ready made in a liquid) What exactly is this liquid? Pre-diluted? Suspended? Just as effective as the powder, without the hasle involved? Also, want to store it for a while, (few months) not in a fridge. Is the ready made ok to store anywhere? cool dark place? I'm confused because the sticky says never buy IGF unless it is in powder form, but people say they have had sucess with the other from MR. thanks for your patience, very confusing.

    1 more thing---is IGF a controlled substance? I'm sure not FDA approved, but controlled?

  2. If its reconstituted (suspended, diluted whatever) its fine... but If you want to do it yourself thats cool too.
    As far as I know, MR uses AA which is the best to suspend IGF with. So cant go wrong there.

    IMO the sticky is outdated..... bad

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