How do you tell if Jintropin is real or not?

  1. Exclamation How do you tell if Jintropin is real or not?

    I have been using Jin now for some time around 5ius, all looks good but sometimes i double guess myself, if this is the good stuff. Does anyone have any tell tell signs about Jin. The ones i have, have yellow tops and 10 ius per vial.

  2. If you start experiencing sides after a couple of weeks (numbness in arms and carpel tunnel), then you have good stuff. If not, it might be underdosed/weakened or even bad. If you are not getting any sides after a couple of weeks, try upping the dose 2 iu/day for another couple of weeks and see if any numbness comes and then back down on the dose. I got sides at 4 iu per day but it varies from person to person.

  3. the gensci website enables you to compare serial numbers on your vials to ensure your hgh is not fake.

  4. so are they real or fake buddy?

  5. Exclamation

    Quote Originally Posted by Boss_K
    so are they real or fake buddy?
    ok, I tried it but all the **** is in dam chinnese, it wont show it in english. Also I have my 12 # code and batch number, but nothing works. I really need help, right now i am up to 5ius a day, and weight is holding great, but not really getting any numbness in the fingers. Nails are growing a little bit more, but I need real proof that it is legit.

  6. The numbness isnt always that common. Just b/c you don't get numb hands/feet doesnt mean its fake. I've run 3kits of serostim before and a buddy of mine ran three as well. Same kits, same dealer. He got numb hands/feet and I never did. We both got water retention,strenght gains, skin cleared up,etc.....

  7. give me the 12 digit numbers and i´ll check it for you


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