IGF-1 Questions

  1. IGF-1 Questions

    Looking to run 40mcg during PCT..

    1) How much do I need to aquire? I see M.R offers 1mg/ml bottles? (not sure about the conversions)

    2) He sends it in cold packs, so this has to be stored in the fridge right away after you get it? Makes me guess this is premixed already

  2. Well there is 1000mcg/bottle, so do the math. I believe you can buy the powder, but premixed is a little less expensive. I bought mine premixed and put mine in the fridge when I got it and it is fine.

  3. is M.R's premixed?

  4. yes, please take some time and read the stickies please

  5. Thanks Matthew for the reply. After reading most all of the IGF info I'm not quite clear on a few things and would rather get answers from board members then rely on my ignorance.

    My understanding is MR’s IGF come mixed now with AA and not BA. So once received, pop it in the fridge and its ready to use? No need to add any other stuff?

    Are most ppl using slin pins but shooting IM not sub-q?




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