PGH during PCT?

  1. PGH at all????

    I am going to be finishing up my 1t/4ad cycle soon and along with the nolva (for 3-4weeks) was going to add in some PGH at about .25mg twice a day.

    This current cycle was really to help me lean out. Which I did quite nicely. I started at about 187, and am now 172ish, and can honestly say I doubt I lost muslce, and if anything gained some. I didn't lose all the fat during the cycle since i started cutting before that, but most of it was. ANYWAY

    I remember a while back a lot of folks thought the pgh from mr. u was garbage, but I am reading a lot of stuff and it sounds like it might work. My abs are starting to come through (or so they appear at least when im looking in the mirror, maybe wishful thinking) I can defintiely feel them though. If I had to guess I would say I am about 10 -11% bf right now.

    IGF-1 is a bit out of my price range at the moment, and I already have slin pins so. They are also running a pretty sweet deal, get an extra months supply when ordering. So i was thinking ordering a 2 months supply for like 72 bucks or something, and will work out to be 3 months.

    Ideally it looks like this
    finish current cycle
    run the PGH for 2 months alone
    start next 1t/4ad cycle and finish last months worth of PGH.

    Looking to get that last chunk of fat off, which of course is mainly in my love handles.

    Diet is good, training is good, I will be upping my cardio most likely. During this cycle I only did light cardio, 20 minutes on the precor at about 60% max hr 3 days/wk.


  2. ^ anyone?

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