Well finally I got myself a prescription for GH. I am using mostly for anti aging and specifically fat loss and sleep. The dosage is quite low compared to what you probably run for muscle building at roughly 1.3 ius ED. I had done 1.5 ED of nutrpopin aq a year ago but it got cut short. I remeber then and already now have started the tiredness. I do inject AM. And now the questions

1) Is there anything you have found effective to combat the sleepiness or lethargy? Overall I am hoping soon the effect will be more energy as opposed to sleepy.

2) I have yet to see anyone reccomend anything to minmize bloat....I do think this goes away after the first month or so if I remember correctly. Any thoughts?

3) Do any of you take this type dosage and if so how do you like it? Especially if you are in your 40s.

4) and lastly I am considering using 2.6 EOD 5 on 2 off as opposed to the 1.3 ED. Thoughts? Again I want to body comp changes for lean mass and fat loss.