GHRP antagonist Vs. Igf long r-3

  1. GHRP antagonist Vs. Igf long r-3

    Which one would be the best for cutting body fat? I've heard of people using either to cut fat.

  2. what about the agonist would that stack well?

  3. damn lol I have been stacking the two for a few days now. I wonder if the antagonist is used about 8 hours before the IGF if it interferes?

  4. still yet, which is the best bang for your buck used by itself for getting rid of bodyfat?

  5. bumping this up for further comments. I was hoping to stack the antagonist wiht ifg and gh . I hit the GH early AM and was planning of using the igf post workout early evening and the antagonist before bed to faciliate gh release AND appetite surpression throughtout nite. I would like to hear if anyone has further thougnt on its interfering with igf receptor sites.

  6. I am with Grape Ape's question :igf-1 vs. ghrp-6 antagonist which one is better
    for fat loss and muscle gain, or are their effects pretty close to the same, was thinking
    of using ghrp-6 antagonist for pct. thanks

  7. looks like someone on this board would have tried both. At least it seems that someone would have a opinion. Don't know why, but its hard to get responces on this forum.
  8. ItriedtoripoffBobosonowIamgonehaveaniceday
    ItriedtoripoffBobosonowIamgonehaveaniceday's Avatar

    I know LOZGOD tried either the agonist or the antagonist....and BigPeteFox as well.....I am also looking for more info myself!


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