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    Quick question guys a friend of mine just recieved 1mg in 2ml of BA when loading 60mcg does he still need to mix with Bac Water? What happens if he just shoots it without Bac water? Also Too get a 60 mcg dose would he just fill up too the 60 IU line where it says 60 on a u-100 slin pin? Thanks guys for the help, I know this is the #1 place for igf info, thanks.

  2. on a U-100 slin pin, there are generally 50 tick marks. each tick mark represents 10mcg's since it's mixed with 2ml's of BA, so the 6th tick mark would be 60mcg's.

    also, bac water is not required. people generally use it to flush more IGF out of the syringe, hence less product being left in the syringe to waste. IMO, since it's mixed with 2ml's, it won't make a huge difference if he uses the bac water or not.

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