lr3 site injects

  1. lr3 site injects

    so i hear conflicting stories.....does it work locally or not?

  2. Yes and No......

    Yes, you DO get more "localized" growth (at least my 3 cycles have proven this in my research subject)........but

    No, it does circulate throughout your body for more general effects as well.

    Regular IGF (not Long R version) is almost 100% site specific, but as we know from doing a "search" function it is also not very effective in comparison to the LR3IGF-1 version.

  3. I always shoot IM into the muscle I just worked. I've never had any site-specific growth. I used to shoot bi-laterally, but now just shoot it all in 1 side, then switch it for the next time. No difference in effects.

  4. going to start my first igf cycle. how would you rate the pain after the injection because i have an arm wrestling tournament on sat???? is the pain bad??

  5. There is a small amount of pain from the BA sometimes, only lasts a day usually.

    Use a 30g slin pin & avoid bicep injects right before the touney. Bis seem to be the worst. I rarely have any pain in pecs/delts.

  6. well i havent recieved it yet, so i guess i dont have to worry about it. how long is the turnaround from MR usually?


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