new to igf 1 question

  1. new to igf 1 question

    i just ordered a 2 gram kit from muscle research along with 60 bc. what is the process to use when getting ready to use this. first time using this so any info would be appreciated! how do you mix it and how do you know your getting the right dose. i've heard many things that basically go against eachother. thanks for your help guys. look forward to more posts in the future!

  2. Ive been doing the same searching you are. I ordered today, but everything seems to contradict what I thought I just learned.
    Hell if I know to use BA or AA. or I you can usde both. I know I have some P-GH commin in, and it's a kit, so It probably comes with one or the other- hopefully.

    And then you use samething else to dilute??!!

  3. well if you got it from muscle research it is already going to be reconstituted in AA. AA is far superior than BA for reconstituting LR3 because of stability issues.

    here is a some info I have already posted. (posts 12,14,16...etc)

    here a post of a study done by gropep for the stability of LR3 reconstitued with AA.

    IGF-1 at room temp

  4. I was curious t oknow, (as being I will be getting my IGF-1 in 2 days)...
    Since its not like a steriod, can I use it only on certin training days?
    If I wanted to add some size to a particular muscle group(s), would only doesing on those days (probably twice A week) still give the same results?
    I know there are fat burning properties, but Im just interested in the mass building ones right now.

  5. Its not really a mass builder, if you want mass stick with aas. The degree of hyperplasia is unknown. It could be substantial, but I doubt it. However I have used it ED and 5 on 2 off. The ED was better, but 5 on and 2off wasn't much different. Just depends how high of a dose you want to run and for how long and of course how much you have to spend. But for a minimum I wouldn't use it less than 5 days on.

  6. Well, I got one botle from MR.
    I understand its not the best mass builder- I was thinking in the range of 20-40 ED (or on the training days I wanted some assistance on).
    If I did it with 2 body parts, that could make the bottle last a few months. So basicly, It qwould be like If I could likft one body part ED for a month. Thats got to make a difference in a site or 2. (except it would take a lot longer, using 2 times a week but just in crtin places.)

    Would it make a difference?

  7. If you have 1mg, i would either suggest 40mcgs ED or 50mcgs 5on/2off.

    But if you want to try your theory, more power to you. It seems that the hyperplasia (or at least claims of people gaining size in certain muscle groups) seems to be highly independent. Some say they have size gains and some so no size gains just fat loss. Personally I tend to see a little of both. Moreso gains with the higher dosages >80mcgs ED.

    There is plenty of unknowns with lr3, so why not try it and see if it works. However I can tell you that ED dosing and even 5on/2off is proven to work.

  8. So your sayin that some people grow new fibers and some dont?
    I can uderstand if your more to to do so, then the IGF would bring it out more.
    I was/am under the impression that it could be site specific (somewhat).
    YEs, I do have 1 gram. This would be my first GF run.
    Im going to go with ED, (initially I was going to low dose for a longer period of time- in the muscle groups I just worked-)
    But ya know, Id rather not take a chance in doing something that might not work (because of the price).

    But at the same time if you build a tolerence to it (hince the time off) then maybe larger doeses 2 times a week in specific areas would work better then pinin' ED, - might make it like the first time every time.. Thoughts....

  9. You should certainly get the pwo nutrient shuttling properties of only doing that way, and in theory could work for just those body parts. But as far as I have found its very individualized how it will affect you and the only way you will know is to play around with it. I really didn't like it much at 40 and 50mcgs. When I used 100mcgs I REALLY liked it. However some guys use 20mcgs and love it, but I felt it really wasn't doing that much for me at that low of a dose.

    Even with the dosing schedule you have in mind, I would stil use it for 40 days max. It seems to lose effects after about 4 - 6 weeks.

  10. Alright- but with the price and that it seems like it takes 2 weeks to notice, how would you be able to tell if you need to up the dose?

    what do you mean exactly when you say REALLY liked it?

  11. I don't feel it takes 2 weeks to really notice affects, I find myself more hungry with a constant pump after just a couple days. And when I said I really liked it, the effects were much more pronounced. At the lower doses I really didn't get all the things that everyone talks about (pump, hunger, vascularity, some fat loss), but at the higher dosages I did.

  12. When did you use it? (PCT, in combo with something else)
    Did you expirence ANY gains? , I mean, gains that stuck after you stopped using.
    Also, is there any sort of rebound effect, or weight gain that occurs after a cycle of IGF-1?

  13. I have used it by itself, while on a heavy cycle and during PCT. All worked well, but when I ran it while I was "on" it really seemed to help me pack some more food in and gain an extra pound or two.

    All the gains, fat loss, size gains have stuck with me. And there doesnt seem to be any rebound effect. However I eat fairly clean 100% of the time.


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