Wanna Start Oratropin, Need Answers First!

  1. Exclamation Wanna Start Oratropin, Need Answers First!

    I was thinkning about buying the oratopin today because of all the sales IBE is having. I have a few questions though that I can't find.

    1) If I take this stuff all by itself, how much muscle can I expect to put on?

    2) How long should I stay on this stuff?

    3) How long does one kit last you?

    4) What kind of diet is optimal while on this stuff?

    5) Do you need to be taking any anti-estrogens with this or as a pct?

    Thank you

  2. 2 - 4-5 weeks
    3 - 15 days w/ recommended daily dosing
    5 - no

  3. Thanks for the reply! What about gains while on this, or is it too new to know yet? I am going to be running T3/Clen/Ketoeffin for 6 weeks and I was wondering if Oratropin would be enough to prevent muscle loss.

  4. 1. It is too new to tell wait till some of the thread are done. And it depends on diet and weight training.
    2. 30 days seems to be the optimal amt.
    3. Diddo 15 days
    4. Diet id say over maint but its up do you and how much you want to gain of fat.
    5. Diddo No pct.
    6. Its still to new to know if it would prevent T3 muscle loss. Mabe just try ECA stack.

  5. IBE does NOT recommend running T3 and/or clen with Oratropin.

  6. good to know - is that from a private message?
    today's been VERY light in the Oratropin news department

  7. yeah, that was a question I posed in a PM. Perhaps IBE will chime in with some more specifics. It seems that these combos are ill-advised.


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