IGF and supplements

  1. IGF and supplements

    I am starting Muscular Research's IGF-1 on Monday morning. I have been taking 2 to 3 grams of ALA (alpha Lipoic acid) a day, as well as the whole gambit of supplements to choose from. I am on 1 gram of test a week...and will start prop on monday as well. I am also on 300 mg of Tren and 300mg of Winni a week...Oh and I just finished Clen and am on ECA until mext week when I start T-3 and Clen again. I take **** loads of protein...as well as BCAA's...anyways...I am getting ready for a contest in March and am using IGF-1 as an experiment using T-3. My concern is the ALA....I get so Hyopglycemic from it...Oh and I am doing the Bodyopus diet to, that I am a tad worried about my sugar dropping to low. I know I have to stop the BO diet and start adding carbs when using IGF-1. Does anyone have an opinion on using ALA... (even being a supplement) gives me that feeling like I had when I did Slin last year. I swear to the Allmighty that I am gaining from it...even at 1800 calories a day...course the steroids do do wonders as well. I am not a Newbie...this is my 11th cycyle and 5th contest...I am 200lbs with a hydrostatic BF% of 8% right now. I am an experimentor so your two cents will be noted...My question is this...Do you think ALA could cause a serioius loss in blood sugar with using IGF-1? This is my first time using IGF-1 but I have used Growth twice as well as Insulin. |Thanks....

  2. Well I did my own experimentation...Holy crap...you guys that take slin and IgF-1 at the same time, are ballsy...My wee little ala and ECA mix bout F... my head up last nite...now I understand why Bobo said he cleaned out the fridge...well I guess I answered my own question.

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