A couple of questions on IGF r3

  1. A couple of questions on IGF r3

    1) Does it affect liver function and enzymes found in blood exams in any way ?

    2)Since GH (and IGF ?) levels are low in the morning and quite elevated after weight training what would you thing of someone using the IGFr3 right after waking up and not after weight training ?
    Would this decrease its effectiveness or increase it ?

    Thanks for any feedback.

  2. Gh is blunted with the use of igfr3.Except you´re using aromatizing steroids.
    But these are only close guesses.
    Since the action ist LR3 is so long,to me it´s no question what time of day to take it.
    Assuming you´d still have gh-peaks the gh will help in upregulating igf sesitivity and shuttling nutritions into stressed cells.
    S a IGf-peak afer a gh.peak would be the natural occuring phenomenon and maybe give the best results.
    Also gh-levels are elevated during weigh-training or stress which makes perfect sense,when anabolic action is wanted after training catabolism and slin-response to food (after a succsessful hunt) prolongues the effects of the natural IGF-1,produced by the liver afer the gh-peak.

  3. So what excactly are your answers to my questions ?

  4. I found it kinda jumbled too. I think it says wont mess with your enzimes and yes take it in the morning.

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