Any more FAQ on IGF-1?

  1. Any more FAQ on IGF-1?

    Are there any more like frequently asked questions sheet or more info on it
    other then the one that bobo has up there. Other websites maby how to use
    it how to mix with ba ect.

  2. Click on the "Search" link in the menu above and type in "IGF", you will come up with every post that has anything and everything about IGF. If you type in "LR3IGF-1" you won't get everything because some people add spaces, dashes, typo's , etc., but IGF is hard to typo. Then read every thread and you will have all your questions answered and become a relative expert on LR3IGF-1 yourself. There is a ton of good info on this board on the substance. The "Cycles" threads/posts have a lot of real world info in them also.


  3. Yep! I have begun that journey!

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