igf im into pecs

  1. igf im into pecs

    i want to do im injections with igf into my pecs to get localized growth. the only problem is, i don't want to hit a vein. could anyone provide info on the correct procedure for this?

  2. check out spotinjections.com I hit the upper outer quadrant usally the thickest part.

  3. I've done the inner pecs as well with good results. Since you're using a slin pin you can get more specific with the shots. Just slide the needle in slowly and you can usually feel a vein before you puncture it. Move the needle to a different angle and continue. Remember to aspirate.

    I hit a vein dead on in my pec with IGF. Since it is in water there is no real danger, but I had a gnarly bruise for several weeks at the site.

  4. I've been injecting IGF-1 LR3 into my pecs for the last couple of weeks with no problems. Just use a .5" slin pin and you'll be fine. I've also been injecting .3cc of PGF2-A 5 times per day using the same type of slin pin in five different places on each pec without any problems.

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