IGF Scarring Issue

  1. IGF Scarring Issue

    Currently Im running an IGF cycle at 40mcg a day. I just pulled my hamstring pretty bad during a sprinting workout. Would it be wise to stop the IGF use untill the hamstring is 100%or should i continue using it? Im 6 days into the cycle. I thought i remember reading somewhere that IGF can cause excess scarring, which is the last thing i need during track season. Any suggestions?

  2. It would be wise using it ´caus it wuill help a lot with tendons.
    In experiments with rats Long R³ IGF-1 promoted a quick healing of a
    dissectioned Harmstring.

    Due to it´s anti-inflammatory action and a rapid build up in fibroblasts and it promotes quick healing of both tendon and scartissue,leading to a quicker and better healing and healingquality.(In human gh has shown to promote this while normal IGF-1 didn´t to that much^to the healing-process which coould be relaterd gh to be intializing local IGF-1 gen-expression in the injured tendon.)

    Gh is used in promoting tibia-fractures and with osteosynthesis a nail is hammered into your leg whichfor a tendon has to be split,to get it through .

  3. Well, I thank you for your information. Ill keep on using this as planned for the rest of my time. Thanks! If anyone else has any info or personal experience please share.

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