clonodine increases hgh output

  1. clonodine increases hgh output

    i've read on another board about the bp. drug called clonodin(catapres). well this bp medication is supposed to increase your natural hgh output by 10x.well you bros can read it heres the link---if it

  2. it sure does, helps you sleep well too

  3. i'll let everybody know....hehehe
    ive been doin some researchin abot this and wondered if this method of increaseing gh output combined with sledges glucophage/oral winny[to increase igf output]/test prop would work like insulin/17aa/gh/test cycle ? what do ya think
    exampl: take clonodine 3xed/test and oral winny also while takeing dp's glucophage with creatine post wo ?
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  4. what would be the dosage for this and for how long?

  5. 3wks.on/ the dose varies , start low and work up jike 150mcg's am and 2mcg's before bed ...there are threads on this.

  6. Hey guys, if anyone has a source for clonidine would you please e-mail it to me at [email protected]. I REALLY appreciate it.

  7. how would u take 2mcg.? I've only seen the stuff in 1mg tabs.

  8. It was probably a misprint. 2 mcgs is more like it.

  9. I would like a place to get this also, if anyones got one, PM it to me please.

  10. Its not difficult to find if you look around. Has anyone tried it? I could only find 1-2 people on that other board, only 1 getting results.

  11. Does anyone know weather or not is is nessecary to wean yourself off of this or not?


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