HGH without steroids

  1. HGH without steroids

    New to this game

    After a scare of being put on trt from heavy tren cycles etc mixed with alcohol and other stuff I'm not touching them again

    So am researching HGH and is don't know much about it really ,
    My main question is will it work and give me lean gains without the use of steroids in the stack ?
    Any advice is welcome

    Done 4 cycles if steroids before incl tren n deca cycles

    6ft train well eat well to macros

    So us it worth doing hgh with roids and what else can I stack with it etc and how long

  2. Run some test with the HGH for optimum results.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by BEASTZ6 View Post
    Run some test with the HGH for optimum results.
    Well I don't want to run test as natural test low , I don't want to trt as I want kids

  4. I guess a protocol of. Blasting insulin/igfs

  5. Quote Originally Posted by GLHF View Post
    I guess a protocol of. Blasting insulin/igfs
    Only thing about that is you got to jab into the muscle you worked is that correct mate ?



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