Anti Myostatin polyclonal anti-body

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  1. Question Anti Myostatin polyclonal anti-body

    Anybody have any more info on this? What is it and why is it $2000 for a mg?!?!?!?

  2. I know this isn't the sort of response you were looking for. Read this report:

    If you can sift through all the microbiological verbosity of the report, you will find some interesting information on the absence of myostatin in humans and other mammalian species. Myostatin inhibitors are probably very expensive to produce, so that would explain the price of the product in question.
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  3. Where did you see for sale?? i didn't know that it was available to the public yet.

  4. l.i.f.e. just added it to their product list, along with a few other very expensive goodies.

  5. as well.

  6. So who wants to be the first to try it?

    (i'll be the second)

  7. ANy long term health effects? Do the effects go away when you stop taking it?

  8. Man that would change anabolics forever.

  9. Yeah it would change everything. For those that don't know, at least as I understand it, myostatin reduces muscle growth in our bodies. People with naturally low levels of myostatin are naturally much more stronger, have much less bodyfat and much more muscle. For what it's worth, from an evolutionary standpoint it's explained in that people with high myostatin levels and lower muscle mass were more likely to live longer historically because they required less food to live.

    There was a baby born recently in Germany I believe that who has a myostatin mutation where he doesn't produce any at all. You should see the pictures of this kid. He is unbelieveably muscular and strong for his age and they haven't found a single thing wrong with him healthwise.

    They have done many tests with mice and the pictures are breathtaking. The mice with myostatin blocked are like "Hulk" mice and they ate the same exact food and had the exact same activity levels as the normal mice.

    I could see a time in the not so distant future when pills are available and your myostatin levels are reduced depending on the dosage and your strength and muscle mass is proportionate.

    Myostatin blocking/suppression is really fascinating and it could potentially change sports and the treatment of muscle wasting disorders as we know it.

  10. I'm not sure if it pertains to the German kid, but myostatin mutations also cause a growth of heart tissue, and a large heart can cause death.

    Most people that have these mutations are not expected to live for very long, as their heart gets too big.

    I question the use this would really have as it would have very negative effects on heart hypertrophy, assuming that a "cycle" of myostatin blocking drugs would allow for heart hypertrophy.

  11. Here is a quote from the report on this boy published in the New England Journal of Medicine:

    "These results strongly indicate that our patient has a loss-of-function mutation in the myostatin gene, thus suggesting that the inactivation of myostatin has similar effects in humans, mice, and cattle. So far, we have not observed any health problems in the patient. Since myostatin is also expressed in the heart, we have closely monitored our patient's cardiac function but have not yet detected any signs of cardiomyopathy or a conduction disturbance. However, at 4.5 years of age, our patient is still too young for such abnormalities to be ruled out definitively. Our results suggest the possibility that muscle bulk and strength could be therapeutically increased by the inactivation of myostatin in patients with muscle-wasting conditions."

    Quote Originally Posted by Enigma76
    I'm not sure if it pertains to the German kid, but myostatin mutations also cause a growth of heart tissue, and a large heart can cause death.

  12. I'd be willing to try it out but what's the dosing scheme and how should it be taken (IM, SubQ, etc...)??

  13. I have no idea what sort of dosage should be taken or how even. At this point it's probably best to sit back and watch.

    Here are some quotes from another article:

    "Genetically engineered myostatin-free mice and cattle exhibit twice the lean muscle mass as their normal stable-mates, without extra feeding or resistance training!"

    "The research on myostatin and the ability to block myostatin is very exciting. In 5 to 10 years, when it is possible to isolate, stabilize then synthesize on a large scale, the myostatin propeptide and follistatin protein blockers, it will be in the tight grip of billion dollar pharmaceutical companies. These drugs will be only made available on prescription for extreme wasting conditions. That is, until they find their way onto the black market, and then, god help this sport!"

    There is even a picture of a "Hulk" mouse next to a normal mouse. Both apparently eating the same and having the same activity level.

    ...and the link:****85

  14. "Hulk" mouse vs. Normal mouse:

  15. Quote Originally Posted by sikdogg
    I'd be willing to try it out but what's the dosing scheme and how should it be taken (IM, SubQ, etc...)??

    We are about at the same place there, I am hoping someone can provide some insight on this...

  16. I don't have anymore insight, but I can provide some more pics

    "Interestingly there are naturally occurring examples of mutations of the myostatin gene. Belgian Blue cattle have a less active form of the gene and are said to be 'double-muscled'."

    A few more:

  17. Okay, now post some pictures of Flex Wheeler.....

  18. Just so everyone knows why I mentioned Flex..

    Just aint right man.....

  19. I didn't know that about Flex. I sure wish this myostatin-less german baby would hurry and grow up

  20. from what ive read if its an anti body its life long effects from it just like the virus for carring igf-1 gene that their using and developing for MD patients, and from the studies if you use a anti myostatin with igf-1 you'll grow like crazy(blocking myostatin allows you to make more satallite cells, then igf-1 activates S cells into muscle cells, then if you were to combine with an anobolic it would make you larger then life) but the long term affects of should things are unknown

  21. If that was true about Flex, then shouldn't he be twice as big as Coleman??? The pics of the mices and the cows are pretty awsome considering that they didn't have to "workout" to get that much bigger.

  22. Its always possible that wasnt the look he was going for?

  23. Fact is Flex isn't much bigger that the typical pro BB'er, if he really has this gene then he couldn't help but to get huge. Look at the pics of the rats and cows, they're huges WITHOUT exercize. Now with Flex' workouts and the gear that he used, he should be as big as a house.

    Flex was real set on winning the Olympia title before he retired and was competing against guys like Lee Haney and Dorian Yates, do you really think he didn't want to be huge?? What pro BB'er doesn't want to be bigger than the competition??


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