Effects of IGF on cardio

  1. Effects of IGF on cardio

    I started a cycle last monday that and am having trouble with cardio all of a sudden. I am getting out of breath and having to stop after about 30 mins. Would IGF have anything to do with this ? I have done similar cycles in the past and have not had this effect. this is my first time with IGF.

    Here is the cycle last week
    HGH-6iu ED
    IGF1- 100mcg ED
    EQ-200mg EOD
    Parabolan- 75mg EOD
    Alternating,Adex-.25mg EOD,Proviron-25mg EOD

    Oh yeah Im already up 8lbs too. from 202 to 210

  2. One more thing. Im doing 5 IU of slin post workout too. bumped up to 8 this week.

  3. I´m cyclist and I´ve used IGF with great success at pro-competitions.
    the only thing I could imagine is hypoglycaemia,so try to carb-up!

    Another thing could be,that it is from the EQ,not few peolpe react the way you desribe it on EQ,me included,that´s why I´m concluding this option.

    EQ may have bad impact on the metabolism of some people thus leading to shortned breath and weakness.My guess-it´s the EQ,´cause it sounds like exactly the same thing as I had on EQ only,but never on IGF.

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