gonna start a new igf cycle tomorrow (not my first, and DEFINATELY not my last).
but anyways. say im working out at 0800pm, and about 0930pm I inject the igf along with the regular PWO shake (first fast carbs, then whey some later)
one hour after that I eat a meal consisting of slow carbs (some fat but not much) and protein. Then I hit the sack. 2-3 hours later I get up and drink a proteinshake (80% kasein). If I should add either some good fat or some slow carbs to this shake.. what would be best, and why? I think I remember someone saying that one should eat decent amounts of good fat with IGF (more than regulary). True?

Nevermind the danger of me going hypoglycemic (if there are any at all.. or is that just a rumour? I'm experienced enough to know that that wont happen)
Keep in mind that I'm on tren/prop, and my goal is, like always, add muscle and preferably loose fat.