HGH Risk vs Reward

  1. HGH Risk vs Reward

    I've been doing some reading on HGH lately, I wouldn't say an extensive amount but a few studies and articles. I have found studies on mice that say muscles and organs grew. Organ growth being the reason that I don't have a large interest in taking HGH myself at this time. There are human studies that suggest it is excellent for fat loss, but not for skeletal muscle growth, but to my knowledge there aren't really any(or many at least) long term studies of HGH on humans.

    I found this article from 1999 talking about testosterone vs HGH in humans and at that point this particular writer(supposedly a hormone therapy dr) seemed to think risk vs reward testosterone is a much better bet than HGH. It's a good read I think no matter your perspective. I thought the most interesting thing though was when he explains that "lean body mass does not necessarily mean muscle, but anything that is not fat and this includes water, organ tissue growth, bone mass, and connective tissue growth", so because HGH increases lean mass it doesn't necessarily mean it increases skeletal muscle mass.

    Does anyone know of any studies in humans that show an increase in muscle mass from HGH? Or maybe it's true what I've been hearing that most bodybuilders use HGH more to stay leaner while gaining mass using other compounds. Maybe other reasons I haven't thought of yet, either way it seems to me so far that HGH isn't worth taking if there was even a slight possibility of looking like Marcus Haley

    Basically after seeing the backstage footage from the 2013 Arnold(mostly Haley) I'm totally freaked out at the huge guts in bodybuilding, some other BBs I can see it not being a GH gut possibly, but Marcus Haley looked like he was about to have a baby.
    "Lifting and Game of Thrones share the same calendar, there's only two seasons: cutting and bulking. And guess what? Winter's comin' so it's time to bulk up!"
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