mr's igf-1 in ba vs aa

  1. mr's igf-1 in ba vs aa

    i have used mr's igf-1 in ba with great results. i gained lean mass on this at 40 mcgs a day and felt the hypoglycemic effects as well so i knew that it was working. i later tried the igf-1 in aa at 80mcgs a day and i saw no changes in muscularity and i did not feel the hypoglycemic effects that i felt on the 1st cycle. i am guessing that it is not as stable in aa as in the ba. anyone else have a similar experience with mr's igf-1

  2. I got some results with MRs Igf1 in aa, but I was not completely satisfied that it was all I thought it would be, so i tried another supplier that has IGF1 in the ba. I liked his product much better.

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    I've previously done 3 cycles in BA, I'm now doing 1 in AA having reconstituted it myself. I like the AA better, frankly. I got little to nothing from #3. It may have been my own fault in that I would sometimes shake the vial first. Supposedly it's delicate...... so probably my own fault there. AA doesn't sting at all, and I just prefer the idea of reconstituting myself..... not knowing how the package may get handled during delivery.

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