I have 45 vials x 6iu's. My question is... Should I run my GH for 6 weeks at 6 iu's per a day or would I be better off running it at 2 iu's a week for 18 weeks? I have heard that I need to run a higher dose of GH than 2 iu's per day because of my bodyweight. I am 5 foot 9 @ 230 pounds approx. 12% body fat. I am currently running test prop at 350/wk and Equipoise at 800/wk. Thanks!

  2. it will probably be better to run long term for following reasons.1. u dont have a lot2. hgh effects are most pronounced with time3. ur not on a **** load of anabolics, the EQ is long acting compound so it would be more synergetic to have low dose hgh thruout entire time on EQ?thats just my opinion.

  3. I would not consider anything less than 6 months worth of gh. Gh is not a cycle, its a long term project to life style.

    5iu a day seems to be where people are really in awe of the results. but it takes time.

    I would buy more to run a higher dose for longer period of time or just sell off the stuff you have as you not going to see much in 6 weeks at 6iu's.

    An lets be honest 2iu's at 4.5 months is not going to give you the life changing results I think your expecting. You just end up disappointed.

  4. I think naturally ur body makes about 1.5 iu a day.so taking any less than about 3x that is waste I think.

    Test in body is about 70mg/ week at best. Taking anything under than 250 even 250/ week is nothing in results.

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