insulin pin measurement question

  1. insulin pin measurement question

    This is probably something that has been asked a thousand times but....anyway

    So I used a peptide calculator to figure out how many IUs or mcg I need to pin for my cjc and ghrp 2. I am a little bit confused.

    this is the amount I need to pin:

    100mcg = 5IU or 3 ticks marks.

    this is where I'm confused. Do I draw to the 5 line( in between 0 and 10 mark) because that's 5IU or do I draw slightly below the 5 line? It's a bit confusing for me with these terms.


    Can I reuse the same syringe and needle to reconstitute my peptides? I'm just shooting BAC water into the peptide vials.

  2. The amount of mcg per IU will be dependent of how much BAC water you add when you reconstitute. If you have 2mg/vial of cjc and add 1mg of BAC water then you have 2000mcg of cjc per ml of solution. If you are using a 0.5mg slin that is 100 IU then each IU is 10mcg (2000mcg/ml x 0.5ml/100IU = 1000mcg/100 IU = 10mcg/IU) So 100 mcg would be 10 IU on a 0.5ml slin.

    So it appears that you are using a 1 CC slin. Please verify that you are indeed using a 1 CC slin and not a 0.5 ml slin, otherwise your measurements add up (100mcg = 5 IU).

    You draw it even with the line. I like to draw in extra then purge the air and extra solution back into the vial to get the required amount of solution.

    You can use the same needle to reconstitute both your peptides, but syringes are like less that 10 cents each, so why take any unnecessary risk of contamination.

  3. It is a 1CC needle

    The tick marks are the lines on the insulin needle correct?
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  4. Yes, showing the volume of solution within the syringe, which for your dose is 5 IU.

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