Your first IGF cycle

  1. Your first IGF cycle

    Was wondering what dosage you guys used on your first cycle of IGF and what type of gains you received from it. I'll be getting 2mg from MR and will be running two 4 week cycles w/ it. Was debating on 20mcg/day for the first and 60mcg/day for the second.....instead of 40mcg/day on each. Was hoping someone had experience w/ 20mcg/day on their first cycle......anyone?

    Also.....will the 2nd half of my bottle save for the 4 weeks or so inbetween cycles? (that is if I do 20mcg/day for 4 weeks on the first cycle) Thankx guys.....

  2. Just bust out 60mcgs a day, thats what I would do.

    My first cycle I used 40mcgs/day, then 2nd I used 60mcgs a day on training days and 20 on non training days. Kept fat off only for me, maybe some muscle growth but the fat loss/prevent was good.

  3. Question for Grant. Not trying to be a dick, i really am trying to get some more feedback.
    for the price of this stuff do you really think it was worth taking just so you could keep some fat off?

  4. I didnt notice any muscle growth that I could attribute to the IGF because I was on androgens, I just know I didnt eat all that well and I didnt gain fat, some of the muscle growth could of been from the IGF, but who knows.

  5. Hmm worth the price? Well when I had loads of cash I didnt give a ****, so yes, then it was worth the price, but now that I have no money, it wasnt.

  6. did you use MR's IGF?

  7. Yep, both times, good ****.

  8. thanks for the feedback!


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