Ipamorelin+igf-1 for woman

  1. Ipamorelin+igf-1 for woman

    Hello, I have a small but painful hamstring tendon tear and tendonisis at few other tendons. I am two week after prp treatment for a tear and want to speed up healing. Someone suggested hgh but I do not have good source. I thought Ipamorelin and Igf1 Lr3 may work but I am confused about protocols.

    So is it ok for a 130lbs woman:
    Ipamorelin 3x 100mcg ED, Sub-q or IM at the site of injury?
    Igf1 lr3 40 mcg IM at the site of injury, ED or EOD?? Once a day is enough?

    Is it ok to run this for 4-5 weeks?

    May I also inject IGf1 at other tendons with tendonisis- the other hamstring and adductor, like 20mcg E3D?

  2. I tried using igf1 to heal my tore rotator and didn't do much but growth healed it completely its hard to use igf1 long enough to heal something completely where as growth you can run as long as u want and it keeps on healing

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