There is no way HGH just gave me gyno??

  1. There is no way HGH just gave me gyno??

    After 5days of 4iu's i've noticed what I think to be gyno. About 1" to the right of my nipple I can feel a very small hard little thing. Its only about the size of a grain of salt and its hard and right under the skin. Not deep at all. I can see it too, almost looks like an ingrown hair but its under the skin. The thing is that it doesnt hurt of feel sensative at all. Sound like gyno? Could GH really do that, that fast. Im on no aas either. Should I start taking nolvadex or will it do no good? Maybe a prolactin lowerer like bromo or dostinex? What should I do? Thanks

  2. an inch to the right of a nipple sounds like the wrong place to me.. I would have it checked by a doctor.
    And as for GH causing gyno.. don't think so

  3. size of a grain of salt? I have to be honest I think you are freaking out a little about the GH lol

    It probably is just some oil trapped or an ingrown hair. You say it doesn't hurt or itch HOW the HELL did you ever even notice something of that size unless you are poking and prodding your body.

    Now STOP IT>

    Everytime someone masturbates God kills another kitten.

    BTW maybe someone at Prof Muscle or Bodybuilding board etc etc etc will know lol

  4. pop that zit!

    Or take a pic and let us examine the specimen

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