HGH / GHRP-6 / GRF-129 Suprah Stack Doubts

  1. Exclamation HGH / GHRP-6 / GRF-129 Suprah Stack Doubts

    Hi, I've been researching about all these chemicals for about a month now, I ordered some GHRP-2, IGF-LR3, and mod GRF-129 from labpe, but sadly after my buy I regretted buying the igf, kinda useless if you ask me, and the GHRP-2, since I'm bulking and have trouble filling my daily macros.
    I have taken an x-ray of my hand, my epiphysis will be closing in about 1 year. The main objective of this cycle is to GROW (as in height), with anabolic benefits being my secondary objective.

    Take into account that I do have perfectly normal gh production levels, but I wish to reach my genetic potential (in height) greater, before my epiphysis closes. I've asked my doctor, he's completely fine with such a low dose of 2IU per day. No, I wont take CJC due to the GH bleed, and besides, GHRP's mimic the natural high, short GH pulses of the body. I've been prescribed 2IU's of HGH a day, currently taking these in the morning to not inhibit my own natural GH production. I'll be buying either elitropins or rips in about a month or so, currently paying $8 per iu with my doctor, and since I'm young, I'll maybe have to bump the dose up to 3IU per day.

    After all of this background info, I'm here to clear my doubts with the dosage timing of HGH and the GHRP/GRF combo, since one inhibits the other. Also, I've understood that hexarelin is better for growth since it's a potent activator of the pi3k pathway, which is responsible for quite a bit of longitude bone growth.

    My daily schedule would be:

    6:00 AM - GHRP-2 100mcg / Mod GRF-129 100mcg (GHRP-2 seems better since after this I'm off to school, theres not much time to eat + dont wanna go hypo outside of my home.)
    *10 egg whites*
    6:30 AM - 2IU HGH Subq
    6:00 PM - Train
    7:30 PM - GHRP-6 100mcg / Mod GRF-129 100mcg Post-Wo
    11:00 PM - GHRP-6 100mcg / Mod GRF-129 100mcg Before sleep

    Maybe add low dose of caber+cortisol blocker?

  2. when taking both GRF and GHRP together, I would not eat 1 before or after injection.

    After fasting all night, every morning I take 100mcg Mod GRF1-29 and 250mcg GHRP6 upon wakening. wait 30-45 minutes, then take 5iu GH, then go workout for 2 hours. I have never gone hypo and I am on a very low calorie diet.

    IGF is incredible stuff if you get real stuff, not heat baked, mixed right and used correctly. How were you using it?

  3. I haven't used it yet, but for the price.. (3 vials of GHRP-2 = 1 of IGF) Also, I'm not in it for the anabolic benefits, but for the growth benefits, so GH production seems more crucial to me than IGF repairing muscle tissue. Anways, exogeneous HGH and GHRP/GHRH stack both increase IGF levels, so I'll just use the first vial right after my workout for the first month, then after its done just stick to my original cycle.

  4. Interested in your results, and if you can grow taller with Peptides....

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