Hexarelin Dosage??

  1. Exclamation Hexarelin Dosage??

    According to some studies, Hexarelin can be taking intranasally instead of injecting. But my question is the dosage is measured in micrograms. I've been told to take 75 mcg/kg twice a day. I've never took any peptides before as you can tell. I bought a 5mg Hexarelin as you can see on the picture, I got a intranasal syringe without the needle, do I fill the whole syringe and then use it?Name:  hexarelin_1.jpg
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  2. Afraid of needles? Because you will be wasting quite a bit of product nasally.

  3. Not really, how do I go on about taking 75mcg though? The syringe measures the fluid in milliliters and the vial contains 2 milligrams of hexarelin?

  4. The bottle says 5 mg.

  5. Where can I get hold of a 75mcg? And if I do, how do I exactly take it?

  6. How many mL is it?

  7. it's 2mL, also how often do I take it?


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