numbness not going away (igf-1)

  1. Unhappy numbness not going away (igf-1)

    hands and arms keep getting numb, especially during sleep and takes forever for the feeling to come back---have been off IGF for 2 weeks now still going on

  2. Whole hand or part of it? When was the last time you had a physical/ blood workup?

    You should probably go to your PCP and get this stuff done.

  3. I have not experienced any, just a minor at the fingers and the feets but almost none.

  4. One of the known sides of IGF-1 and HGH..

  5. yeah I relaized it was a side but thought it would go away once stopping use

  6. I would go to a doctor if I had health insurance

  7. A regular doctors visit and bloodwork is less than $100 if you shop around. Maybe cheaper.

    Dont let the lack of insurance keep you from seeing the doctor.


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