15 week bulker.........need help w/ IGF

  1. 15 week bulker.........need help w/ IGF

    not sure which section this belonged in so I put it in both, if admin has an idea of where to place it that's good, just delete on of them I guess.

    Hey guys, I'm planning a cycle to start soon, and so far it looks like this:
    500mg/week Test enan weeks 1-15
    400mg/week Deca weeks 1-15
    25mg/day d-bol weeks 1-6
    175mg/day fina weeks 8-15

    nolva 40mg/day 4 weeks pct
    possibly HCG if I can get it

    this will be my 3rd cycle and the first time not using an anit-e throughout. The fina is high, I've done 150mg/day for 8weeks in a previous cycle w/ some left over. This time I plan on converting 10g and using it all in 8 weeks. Comes out to about 178mg/day.

    I need help incorporating 20-60mcg of lr3 IGF-1 for 50 days at the end of the cycle and into pct. Was wondering if this would be the most effective use of IGF as I've heard it can help retain gains made on a cycle. I've also read that it can work synergistically w/ the AAS increasing their effects, so I wonder if I should use it during my cycle instead of w/ pct.

    Another option I've considered is doing a 50 day cycle 3-4 weeks into the cycle when the test and deca are kickin in, then take a 20-40 day break and pick back up at the end of the cycle and into pct.....

    Has anyone had any experience in using it this way? thoughts or ideas? Any and all feedback/input is greatly appreciated.......thankx guys.

  2. From all the info I have seen from people who have actually used the IGF-1 the results stopped after 21 to 30 days. That is except for ONE guy.

    So perhaps split it up into 2 - 25 day cycles. 25 days on 2 weeks off 25 days on.

    I see you say that you usually run an antiE while on your cylce but are NOT this time. I am curious why NOT this time.

  3. for one, I can't afford a gram of test a week, 50mg d-bol and 800mg deca. And I'm also interested in the extra strength/size I'll have while on the cycle w/out an anti-e. I'll surely have some nolva on hand incase I get some lumpy/itchy nips.....I even have some letrozole left over from my previous cycle, so I'll be prepared.

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