I have a bulging disc in my lower back and some cartilage degeneration in both knees.
I was wondering if someone here has had the same or similar issues and used HGH, IGF-1 or PRP for this sort of issue and how it worked for them.

I have read stuff on US national library of science that sounds really promising. I intended to do a HGH cycle for at least 6 months, 2iu every other day, but i am having some issues with finding HGH so i am studying it further meanwhile.

I am 19, ol. weightlifter, my growth plates have fused so that is not an issue. Some of you might think im too young to use this sort of hormones but consider this, i am severely disabled because of these injuries, my life sucks and i feel like i am 80 years old. I have been doing physical therapy for over a year now but the disc doesnt seem to heal. PS. Surgery is not an option.

i hope someone has experience in dealing with this sort of problem here