Orals + peptides?

  1. Orals + peptides?

    In the past I've done some rather ignorant/uninformed cycles of Dianabol, Test, and GHRP/GHRH. I used the Dbol and Test separate, and the peptides I used together. Thankfully I have escaped any serious sides except a little lumpiness under my nips.

    I have some Dbol, CJC-1295, and GHRP-2 on hand so I was thinking of stacking them. My first question, would it be ok to use them together? I'm concerned with combating sides so I was thinking of using a low dose of Bromocriptine to keep the PRL down from the GHRP, an AI with the Dbol, and some Galantamine or Huperzine A for use with the CJC. So my second question is can/should I take Bromo, anastrozole, and Galantamine together? And third, is it ok to mix it all together?

    It makes sense in my head. So, this is what I'm thinking:

    40mg Dbol ED + AI (about 4 weeks)
    ~150mcg x2 CJC-1295 ED + Galantamine (for 8 weeks)
    ~200mcg x2 GHRP-2 ED + Bromo (8 weeks)

    Help and critiques are appreciated.

    Oh btw I'm 27y/o, 6'2", and 218lbs.

  2. Re: Orals + peptides?

    Is this cjc-1295 with DAC? If so I'd get the no DAC version and no need to go over 100mcg of each if its a good source you will get better results from doing three shots per day at a more normal dose. You don't need to worry about prolactin with ghrp2 at the typical 100mcg dose.

  3. CJC-1295 w/out DAC. Do you know if it's ok to mix the CJC and GHRP in the same pin? I've heard conflicting info on this.

    If you're correct then I shouldn't need the Bromo. Despite adjusting dosages, do you think the overall combo would work well? I'm looking to make some good gains, but mostly just use up the stuff I have on hand. Should it be ok to run it all together?

    Thanks for the input!

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