Is deer antler spray legit or fake???

  1. Question Is deer antler spray legit or fake???

    Hey i was wondering if deer antler velvet can actually stimulate your igf-1, and i was wondering if anybody tried the spray any actually got good noticable results from it?

  2. Thats how it starts, guy just got his product name out threre. But no answer your question, i haven't taken it nor do I know about antler velvet.

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  3. Re: Is deer antler spray legit or fake???

    It worked for Ray Lewis everything I've seen on it indicates that it is ineffective at producing such results.

    Think about it. Its been around for years. Do you think that you would just now be hearing about it if it really worked?

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  4. Yeah, every scientific report says it's unconfirmed. Even major news sites covered it. I'd say count it as useless.

    If anything really did alter your hormone levels like that, I HIGHLY doubt it would be legal. Not even freakin androgel is legal without a prescription and look how worthless it is.

  5. okay well not buying that then. and is it normal to feel like **** if you stop doing deca and test p after 8 weeks and start doing tren e and test c? i didnt stop for a few weeks either i just started it right after my deca and test and i though it would be okay because i was just gonna do a longer pct after the 10 week tren and test cycle

  6. Test P is immediate basically, whereas a test E esther takes weeks to build up. So that's all I can figure.


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