Somatotropin - Am I wasting my money?

  1. Somatotropin - Am I wasting my money?

    My Doctor is saying it'll cost me about $300 per month at 1 IU per day - which he said is about average. One subcutaneous in the morning, 5 days per week.

    Any thoughts?

  2. If you buy your GH from a pharmacy then yes he's right. If you buy it from a UG source or China, then no.

  3. I just replied but it didn't go through. If for any reason this is posted twice - I don't know how that happened.

    Anyway. I guess I'll give it a try. I've read (on here) that this isn't as affective as IGF-1 at building muscle. But since I can't get IGF-1, I hope this will be worth the money...

  4. Bro, IGF-1 is easier to get than GH. IGF-1 is available thru research chem companies where GH is available only thru UG sources. Muscle Research, a sponser of this board, sells IGF-1.

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