Igf-1 lr3 basic questions

  1. Igf-1 lr3 basic questions

    Would this be correct...
    IGF-1 lr3 injected 2x per day on workout days.. Once in the morning upon waking, and once after workout?
    Dose split bilaterally in the muscle group worked.. (Example) on bicep/tricep days post workout injection into biceps and triceps 50mcg each muscle?
    What size skin pin to use?
    And on non workout days is it ok to pin one time first thing in the morning.
    Ps. Is it better to ZiM or subway pin? All help wanted thanks fellas.

  2. Meant IM or sub q pin

    And meant slin pin.. Sorry auto correct

  3. Anyone?

  4. Sub-q because it is safer so small needles. Inject in the morning because then you are not messing that much with your natural production.
    my opinion is dont waste this on your arms. igf affects protein synthesis, your quads should be 27 times the volume of your bicep&triceps, so the demand for protein from leg training should be 27 times greater than from arms so the you're much closer to using the full potential of the drug

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