Are peptides dangerous (can they cause cancer)?

  1. Are peptides dangerous (can they cause cancer)?

    I have disk herniation.. and one friend of mine told that peptides (GHRP-2 + ModGRF), can help me to heal the disk.. Lets say, he is right..

    The question is are they safe? I mean, it is Ok for me if they hive some side effects.. but is the medicine so advanced today, that they can track every single biochemical process and to say 100% its safe? That it doesn`t trigger cancer? I mean the FDA has approved aspartam.... enough said.

    I`m young 24y and want to get rid out the limitations, cant run , have to watch not to do some rapid move, nether to drive long hours.. although the pain is manageable with fitness and proper diet.. but still was used to run 10km daily.. now feeling like 80 years old.

    but i prefer to live with the pain and limitations.. if there is risk to get cancer or some other scary ****


  2. hi, i have the same issue as you and i have studied the hormones that can benefit the disc. i haven't heard of ModGRF but i assume those two things you mentioned increase IGF-1 or PRP since those hormones are sort of the only things that can effectively treat cartilage in terms of healing and/or regrowth.

    IGF-1 is very anabolic, it causes hyperplasia which is cell multiplication. It does NOT cause cancer but it may increase the rate of cancer develop ment IF you have cancer.

  3. My experience with peptides has been very good. Ive used the steady for the last three years with no side effects my units M.O. Hasnt detected anythig either. Tho i have herd there are long term side effects jus none yet so best of luck

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