Cutting with igf

  1. Cutting with igf

    I just started an igf cycle of 40mcg ed, and was wondering if it would help to support fat loss? The reason for my concern is that I have used it in the past and had great results from it, but I wasn't concerned with loseing weight either. My diet is extremely clean now, and I am only down a few pounds at this time. I think I look harder, and leaner than I have in a while, and I am not complaining, it's just that I need to lose roughly 10lbs for a match I have coming up, and I thought by using the igf along with a clean diet, it would help to spare muscle, and maintain strength while losing weight.What are some of your thoughts on this?

  2. IGF is an excellent nutirent partitioner, you will lose fat & spare muscle even with a suspect diet. Eating clean & adding cardio will only enhance that effect. 10lbs of fat lost will be hard if you are reasonably lean, but 5 is very realistic.

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