I have started a cycle consisting of this:

Test Cyp at 500mg week - 12 weeks
DBol at 25mg ED - 4 weeks
3 iu of HGH 5 on 2 off (Eutropin) - 4.5 months

I've currently been on the gh for one month, the test/dbol for 2 weeks.

My question is this,

Will I benefit from the gh at all stacked with test. I know 3 iu's alone is pointless at 4.5 months.
I hoping along with test it will boost the effects of the gh. I cant up the iu's due to money, sh*ts expensive.
Should I stop the gh all together and save the extra cash or continue on with what I'm doing now?

I'm 29
Lifting for 6 yrs

My diet is on point, calorie intake is a little low but keeps me very lean.