Going to use GHRP-6 or 2 Need users input

  1. Going to use GHRP-6 or 2 Need users input

    So i have done a lot of research on how to run the the peptide. I wil be doing sub-q injections 3xED 100 mcg each time. I am on anabolics and would like to use them to see if they make a difference on my upcomming blast. My questions are did it help you stay leaner? Did you make any noticable gains (size or strenght). Any side effects that were unexpected. How long did you run the peptide or just did it benefiit you in any special way tha you dont experience while on the peptide. All answers are helpful thanks!

  2. from what i read on that peptide, it seems the most youll get from it is a hugemongous sasquatch level appetite

  3. fuc1< so wht are people running other then hgh of coruse

  4. well wait for more input. im not well read on peptides so dont go by my words lol

  5. I started ghrp2 and mod grf 3 weeks before pct.
    It's 2 months later and I have not lost a single pound and my bodyfat has gone down.

    If you've got a good supplier it's well worth the money.

    Ill run these two compounds year round until the GH market is less shady.

    I wake up in a pool of sweat btw almost as bad as the tren night sweats I get.

    Edit: I went with ghrp2 because it's more potent releaser. For appetite I'd rather run insulin (which I shall embark on soon once I get all my research glucometer supplies ect done) sense it makes you hungry and its the almighty shuttle.

  6. Wait sociabear think I could run the ghrp-2 by its self? Also I get unbearable insomnia from tren did this cause any of that

  7. I know it is not recommended to run just a GHRP product without mod grf. From what I researched on it before I embarked on testing it is when combined 1+1=4 sorta thing. It greatly amplifies potency.

    I had zero tren like insomnia I was just comparing the sweats. I sleep like an infant , upon waking after a good 8 hours the bed is covered in sweat from me.

  8. Run them both at 100mcg like you are 3-8x a day.taking it with or without food does not matter just make sure they are 3hrs apart (dosing).

    They will spike you gh to an unbelievable level and fat loss on it is fast and super easy.

    Just make sure your source is legit. I found them for cheap so I run them a good bit. By end of this moth I will purchase enough to run them at 100cg 5/8x a day.

  9. Can anybody pm their good source because I only know of the big ones like lion and great white


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